Route and Schedule - Vietnam and China

Destination Arrival Date Notes
Hue 7 July Imperial city
Danang 10 July Australian food
Hoi An 12 July Playing tourist in central Vietnam
Hanoi 16 July Rendezvous with Wendy
Hoa Binh 25 July Peace
Ninh Binh 26 July Lumpy
Hon Gai 28 July Best $12 view anywhere
Mong Cai 29 July Karaoke capital of Vietnam
Qinzhou, China 31 July Whooping it up in the PRC
Nanning 1 August Bustling capital of Guangxi province
Guilin 7 August Karsty
Yangshuo 9 August Touristy and Karsty
Shenzhen 12 August Unlike Rome, built in a day
Hong Kong 13 August Time for another BratBreak
Hong Kong, again 14 Sept Jetlagged in cellphone land
Macau 15 Sept Colonial fun
Guilin 16 Sept Back in the PRC
Yangshou 17 Sept Reunited with Siegfried and Roy
Jiangyong 21 Sept Traveling with Charlie
Yongzhou 22 Sept Over the dragon's back
Hengyang 23 Sept R.I.P. Connie Compaq
Xiangtan 25 Sept Hunan's highway hookers
Shaoshan 26 Sept birthplace of Mao Zedong
Changsha 27 Sept Hunan's huge and flavorless capital
Pingxiang 29 Sept We make it out of Hunan --yay!
Xinyu 30 Sept World's dirtiest carpets
Nanchang 1 Oct National Day in Jiangxi's capital
Hangzhou 3 Oct Fruitful search for Jack and Leslie
Shaoxing 7 Oct Zhou En Lai's ancestral home
Yuyao 8 Oct Home of Randy, Zhejiang's "prom queen" 
Ningbo 9 Oct Our first Big Mac in many a moon
Putuoshan 10 Oct Rip-off capital of Zhejiang province
Shanghai 12 Oct We meet Thibaut Jeanjean, age 3 months
Suzhou 16 Oct Marco Polo was here
Wuxi 18 Oct Yong's grandma's house
Jintan 19 Oct Air you can eat!
Nanjing 20 Oct Big town on the Changjiang
Shanghai 22 Oct Leavin' on a jet plane

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