Route and Schedule - Thailand and Laos

Destination Arrival Date Notes
Hat Yai, Thailand 4 May 1998 Hat times to be had
Bangkok 7 May World's biggest traffic jam
Phitsanulok 6 June Kosit shows us around
Sukhothai 8 June Ruinarama--Part I
Si Sachanalai 9 June Ruinarama II, the sequel
Sawan Khalok 10 June Fred entertains monk-tourists
Chat Trakan 11 June The day we wish hadn't happened
Dan Sai 12 June Hills 'n' heat
Kaeng Khut Khu 13 June Rapid-side rest
Sang Khorn 15 June Living an episode of "Nit Noi"
Nong Khai 16 June Websiting and room service
Vientiane, Laos 18 June We meet up with Ly
Luang Prabang 19 June A break from the bikes...
Vientiane 23 June Commie capital
Pakxan 25 June On the road in the PDRL
Tha Khaek 27 June (see above)
Savannakhet 29 June Ly's ancestral home

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