Paris to Luxembourg - Gallery

We always wanted to circumnavigate one of Europe's smaller principalities. To keep it interesting and longer than a few days we tacked on a big chunk of France along with a little dab Germany and Belgium for spice.

Bombs away: Along one of Luxembourg's amazing bike trails, this
undetonated WWII bomb was discovered in a farmer's field. (It is
a little faster than the bike)

Fred exhibiting our time-honored tradition of marking the first bovine sighting on the trip --in this case outside of Meaux

Beautiful Belgium: Andrew taking in the sights and sounds of the
industrial underbelly of Europe.

Wet and pouty: A leitmotif connecting all of our travels --Fred's displeasure with adverse weather conditions
Wilkommen in Deutschland: Fred on a wooden bridge over the Saar, connecting Luxembourg to Germany
Very Sporty! Fred in head-to-tow lycra; you should see the rubber outfit.

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