Minneapolis to Milwaukee - Gallery

Andrew and Fred along with Andy's Brother Marty rode from Marty's residence to Andy's mom's place. This homecoming was textured by the extreme heatwave that struck the midwest in the summer 1995. Awesome biking without traffic for nearly 500 miles in America's heartland.

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Limestone legs: Wisconsin's extensive network of bicycle trails is
surfaced in crushed limestone, which stuck to our hot and sweaty bodies -- yum! <not!>

After one hundred miles in 100
degree heat, we're happy to arrive at Andy's Mom's air-conditioned pad in Milwaukee sporting bugs and dirt in every nook and cranny

Marty pouts and displays the demon that "nailed" his tire

Andy and Fred basking in the warmth of their welcome to Wisconsin
In front of Wisconsin's State Capitol in a pre-bug and dirt covered state at the beginning of the seventh and final day
The fiercesome threesome, Andy, his brother Marty, and Fred

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