Route and Schedule - Indonesia

Destination Arrival Date Notes
Denpasar, Bali 16 March 1998 Arrival in Asia
Senggigi, Lombok 18 March Bye-bye Bali
Senaru 19 March Heading for the hills
Tetebatu 20 March Muslim country
Senggigi 21 March Meeting Nyonya Scott and Ubai
Tirtagangga, Bali 25 March Home of the tattooed love boy
Kalibukbuk 26 March The Shining, Indonesia-style
Bama, Java 28 March Worst road on earth
Surabaya 29 March Home of the largest shopping mall
Camplong, Madura 31 March Karaoke capital of Madura
Sumenep 1 April Becak city
Surabaya II, Java 2 April More of the biggest mall on earth
Tuban 5 April Tasty goat sate
Kudus 6 April Groovy Hindu temple as mosque
Bandungan 7 April Ahhhhh!!! Cool moutain air
Pekalongan 10 April Batik city without agoutis
Cirebon 11April The least Javanese town on Java
Jakarta 13 April "The Big Durian"
Padang, Sumatra 17 April Glimpses of ex-pat life in the jungle
Maninjau 19 April Worst roads we've ever ridden on
Bukittinggi 20 April Cultural capital of the Minangkabau
Kota Nopan 23 April Crossing the equator and avoiding tigers
Prapat 24 April On the shores of Lake Toba
Tuktuk 25 April Back in touristland
Brastagi 27 April High and hazy
Medan 28 April Winner: worst air in Asia award
Bukit Lawang 29 April Orangatainment
Penang, Malaysia 1 May IPFE city
Alor Setar 3 May Lost in space
Hat Yai, Thailand 4 May bye-bye Islam


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