Route and Schedule - India

Destination Arrival Date Notes
Delhi 7 November Air you can eat!
Sohna 10 November We get a tourist complex
Deeg 11 November Did we kill Matt?
Mathura 12 November Krishna capital
Agra 13 November Moghul madness
Bharatpur 15 November Birdalicious
Gangapur 17 November Luxuriating in the Hotel Rat
Sawai Madhopur 18 November Year of the Tiger
Kota 21 November Rupee-free at the prince's palace
Bundi 22 November Heavenli havelis
Begun 23 November A royal welcome
Chittorgarh 24 November Fabulous fortress
Udaipur 25 November Extended stay on the shores of Lake Pichola
Dungarpur 2 December Stuffed critters galore
Ahmedabad 3 December Gujarat metropolis
Utelia 5 December Home of the miserly miniraja
Bhavnagar 6 December Hilltop homos
Palitana 7 December Jain holyland and spa
Diu 8 December The Las Vegas of Gujarat
Veraval 11 December Ugliest seaside town on Earth?
Sasan Gir 12 December Lionland
Junagadh 13 December India with a capital "I"
Ahmedabad 15 December Shopping madness
Bombay 16 December Or is it Mumbai?
Fardapur 18 December Magical Maharashtra
Ellora 19 December Yet more mind-boggling "caves"
Aurangabad 21 December Agouti mahal and India's only waitress
Ahmednagar 23 December Andy's turn to feel ill, again
Pune 24 December Oh so Osho: maroon clad poseurs
Khandala 25 December Dreaming of a tacky Indian Christmas
Bombay 26 December Ashok introduces us to beautiful "Bomgay"

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