Havana to Vinales - Gallery

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The (not) crowded autopista; rules do not abound.

Priniciples of the California Clean Air Act do not apply in Cuba; note the horsecart and bicycle lost in the plume behind this multi-purpose vehicle.

At least there are wheels on this vehicle; later we encounter the "Ox-Sled" a popular form of rural transportation.

Cubans should be admired for their creativity. Coping is a skill they seem to learn early and sharpen on a daily basis. Here one fifties relic towing another as the towee waves for the camera.

"Only those who fight will conquer" declares this sign. The revolution lives.
What kind of car is this? Part Chevy, hood ornament from something else, tail lights from a Ford; every vehicle is a collage.
Su - gar. Still not sure of the point? "Communists and cane make a sweet combo?"
Yanqui Imperialists - yes! The Almighty Dollar seems to rule everywhere.

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