US Brat Stats - Last Updated 7 May 1997
Statistic Description Amount
Average speed (across U.S.) 13.8 mph
Total Riding Days 36
Average Daily Miles 80.1
Total verticle feet climbed 75,330 feet
Number of Rootbeer Floats 9
Flat tires 20
Insults hurled a very big number
"David Duke for Govenor" signs 3
Honked horns see "insults hurled"
Beer cans thrown at us 1
Total miles 2883
Bear roadkill?! 1
Squished Armadillos 223
Live Armadillos 0
Stuffed Armadillos 4
Roadrunners spotted 7
Chi-Chi restauraunts visited 6
Wall Mart shopping trips 2
McDonalds stops 0
Times adressed as "Y'all" see "insults hurled"
Pick-up attempts by women 2
Marines kissed 1

Reese's crunchy cups consumed


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